Why Choose Us?


We understand that your home is the most significant and precious asset that you own. When engaging someone’s services to beautify your home, you should look at their track record, see examples of their work and view previous customer testimonials. Many home improvement builders over-promise and under-deliver, leaving you stressed, frustrated and out of pocket! From the moment you contact us for a free consultation and throughout each step of your project, we will treat you with respect and ensure that both, our communication with you and our workmanship exceeds your expectations.

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Expert Workmanship

We are committed to make your home look ‘outstanding’. Although we have been providing professional designs and top quality workmanship for over 35 years for thousands of happy customers, we understand that you want the best job at a fair price. Importantly, we provide your complete satisfaction and a written 10 year guarantee for all of our work. Naturally, we are fully insured. Beware of so called ‘budget renovation operators’ who simply don’t have the expertise. You wouldn’t get a ‘handyman’ to build a house either, would you….?!

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One of our main claims to fame is an industry leading, cutting edge technology product called TEXTURE CLAD™ which we use for a large number of benefits incl. low maintenance, saving energy and environmental advantages.
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